Elaine’s first CD.



“More often than not, the title of an artist’s release is less an indicator of what’s contained within than simply a witty catch-phrase, or even a song title that just sounded like it might fit. With Elaine Mahon’s Seamless, though, it is truly an accurate description. This is a brilliant and cohesive piece of work. For the endurance of Seamless, Mahon weaves an impassioned web that offers both seduction and inspiration. Generally opting for a stepped-down, acoustic based delivery (highlighted on the endearing lead track “Clear Autumn Day”) Mahon sings from the heart with a rare conviction. As is typical for many in the female singer/songwriter fold, Mahon is telling stories of life and love (both lost and found) though her music. Whether it be personal or observational is difficult to discern at times, – what’s obvious is that it speaks to the listener, offering empowerment and comfort. Even the more rocking numbers such as “Night Drive” and “Sometimes” are revealingly personal. A wide array of notable performers from the region made various contributions to Seamless including: Pat Koch and Eric Steinberg of Big White Undies, Mindwalk’s Ali Che’ree (bass) and Ryan Newell (slide guitar) of Black Creek. The gathering of such an ensemble not only reaffirms the quality of this recording, it indicates a rare level of mutual respect and cohesiveness. To say that Elaine Mahon is inspired would be an understatement. What’s conveyed on Seamless transcends inspiration, and more often borders on spiritual.”  – DJ Justice, Independents Editor, JAM (Florida’s Music Magazine)

All songs, music & lyrics copyright Mary Elaine Mahon