Elaine's critically acclaimed 2013 release.



“Rise” is a collection of songs written during a time of awakening following a period of deep personal exploration, discovery, and change. The stories they tell, whether personal, historical, or mythical, explore several recurring themes: resilience of the human spirit, the power of hope, the wonder of life, and a profound appreciation of our place in the natural world. Through songwriting I recover my sense of hope and wonder, and the joy of being alive. It is my spiritual path. With the songs on “Rise” I invite you to join me on my journey. Maybe you will discover a golden thread of hope or wonder along the way.

All songs © Mary Elaine Mahon/Six Pelicans Publishing (BMI) except “One by One” © Mary Elaine Mahon/Six Pelicans Publishing (BMI), Elisabeth Williamson/Through-the-Mist Music (ASCAP); Lon Williamson/Dunebilly Music (BMI); “Rio” © Mary Elaine Mahon & Steve Friedman/Six Pelicans Publishing (BMI); “The Selkie Bride” © Mary Elaine Mahon & Tom Nelly/Six Pelicans Publishing (BMI); and “Calusa” © Mary Elaine Mahon & Lisa Aschmann/Nashville Geographic (ASCAP)