No.11 on the national/international Folk DJ charts for February!
Listen to what some of the DJs are saying about Rise –

….it takes a lot to make you happy, and Elaine Mahon’s album RISE does it with
every note she sings. What makes this record great is her vocal range–she truly sings like bird. –
John Shelton Ivany JSITOP21.COM

Elaine may evoke a comparison to a young version of Judy Collins because of Elaine’s crystal clear voice over a tasteful acoustic instrumentation that is woven adeptly around her songs….Rise is a very relaxing and enjoyable listen. -Freddy Celis – ROOTSTIME – BELGIUM

I love the CD and will try to follow up with more airplay. I get a lot of CDs to review for airplay here, and yours certainly floated up to the top of the pond.
Dennis Brunnenmeyer of KVMR-FM Nevada City Limits

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