226847_423975301013882_1609378366_nThis was a dream show for me!  A beautiful opera house from the 1890’s in the charming town of Monticello, FL plus a dream band (The Gatorbone Trio) with Elisabeth Williamson, Lon Williamson and Gabe Valla.  It just doesn’t get any better than this for a singer-songwriter:  playing your songs with talented and accomplished musicians to a lovely audience that braved torrential downpours getting there, in a theatre with beautiful acoustics. Top it off with meeting new friends, and getting reacquainted with old ones and of course hearing fabulous songs performed by Eddie McFarland and the Gator Trio as well. Heartfelt thanks to the Pete Winter of Winterstone Sound for videotaping, Fran Beggs Litton for setting up the house and her wonderful photos, Lis & Lon for absolutely everything they do – and it’s a lot believe me, Gabe Valla for not only being a phenomenal guitarist and accompanist, but also for getting rain soaked along with Lon to bring us our dinners before the show.  What a night to remember!

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