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Elaine’s new CD “Reach for the Stars”
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“Reach for the Stars is, at the least, worth multiple listens, and is deservedly at best, on the forever playlist. It should be on every folk deejay’s playlist in 2017!”

Victoria Parks
Folk DJ, WGRM, Columbus, OH

The cover image: Object NGC 2174, Monkey Head Nebula, Sharpless Sh2-252
Original Image by NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)


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Summer Newsletter 2018

SPRING NEWSLETTER 2018 Here in Gainesville, Florida it is rain, rain and more rain. For gardeners this means lots of plant growth and I've been busy keeping the verdant green from swallowing us!  Our avian families of Cardinals, Downy & Red Bellied Woodpeckers,...

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Spring Newsletter 2018

Hi Music Lover, Springtime has already come and gone in Gainesville, Florida but we are still experiencing some Springtime magic due to the migration of birds northward. This week both a Rose Breasted Grosbeak and a Scarlet Tanager have visited my feeder and taken my...

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Elaine Mahon’s Newsletter February 2018

Winter is upon us as we leave 2017 behind and move forward into 2018. Many of you may know that my Dad, Arthur Forrest Camp, Jr., passed away suddenly right after Thanksgiving. He was an amazing man in so many ways and even though we lived on opposite sides of the political fence, his love was unconditional. A brilliant innovator and inventor my Dad was the guy we used to say we’d want to be with if there ever was a nuclear war. He could build anything and found ways to work with whatever was available at the time. He was a great role model for his perseverance, hard work, and creative problem solving. He will be very much missed!

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photo by Isabelle Bermudez


Elaine Mahon’s songs, as her new album is titled, may “Reach for the Stars” but they are also deeply rooted in the natural world we all live in. Elaine’s sensibilities as a songwriter developed from a childhood spent roaming the woods and the beaches of North Florida. But it was her work in extragalactic astronomy, which earned Mahon a Ph.D., that broadened her perspective and strengthened her appreciation for nature. Elaine left her career in order to remain near family, and to begin to explore her creativity through music. A masterful storyteller and tunesmith, Mahon has made her mark. Elaine forms an immediate and intimate emotional connection with her audience by drawing them into lyrical songscapes that shimmer with imagery gleaned from the natural world. Victoria Parks of WGRN in Columbus, Ohio sums it up by saying, “Elaine writes honest folk songs with an uncommon, simple beauty.”




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